7.00pm (oops didn’t make the morning writing slot)

Writing after 3 days of sleep deprivation and two glasses of red wine is probably not a good idea, but what the hell, motherhood is one long rock and roll go with the flow journey.

I was up many times in the night, wet bed, shower, life story, calpol, banana, water, warm milk, too hot, water, calpol, get up, make breakfast, school run…..something like that, it all seems a bit blurry now.

Today somehow managed to achieve writing one art application in-between school runs and nursing a poorly  Naoise who is dressed in a very cute Gruffalo onesey. Best part of the day was spent cuddling Naoise on the sofa and watching The Princes Quest by Michel Ocelot.

AND NOW……Syd my eldest son genius is treating me to his calm and beautiful guitar jamming…..I enjoy Friday nights in alone with my beautiful boys, nights out are so overrated, I am happy to be a stay at home woman.


Last night a conversation about Naoise’s worry dolls:

I asked Naoise “Do you have any worries”

Naoise “No”

This made me feel so proud, as I was a very anxious child and could definitely have assigned a worry to each of his seven dolls.

Patrick is out for the night, Naoise is feeding me half portions of Maltesers and flying around the water in Mine Craft, I feel quite drunk after two glasses of red wine, I’m a cheap date. I normally feel resentful about Patrick going out, but not tonight, I just feel relieved and so pleased that I have made it to the end of the week, and considering that I haven’t slept properly in three days to have written anything in this space is a big achievement. Well done me.

AND almost forgot HORRAY for the half term…………….and family time….and freedom tomorrow I get one whole romantic day on my own to attend the Whitworth Art Gallery open.

Love does exist.


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