8.38 am ( awake since 6.30am)

Syd is on his way to Paris, right now he is on a boat crossing the channel from Dover to Calais. I dropped him off half an hour before midnight at the school. All families bidding goodbyes to teenage sons and daughters with bags and pillows and excitement. Always awkward being a teenager, its always hard to show affection. I say goodbye to Syd a sort of shoulder rub and half hug, thats ok, I understand. Its just not hip to be too affectionate with your parents in public.

Before he went we watched one of his favourite films Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris……

I hear small feet descending on the stairs, I may not manage too much writing today. Naoise is now sat beside me wrapped in a blanket, playing a game on my phone. I am not really happy that the digital babysitter is being used by me. This all seems a bit wrong. Not parenting so that I can write about the maternal?

Maybe I will watch one film set in Paris for each day that he is gone, my friend Krishna compiled a list for me.

1/ A Bout de Souffle (Breathless) 

2/400 Blows

3/Les amants du Pont-Neuf

4/La Haine


There is really not much to say, I will try not to miss Syd, to cling to his being gone. I will make use of this time. The house looks as if a tornado has passed through it. There is much work to be done. I will  use the time to shower Naoise with my undivided attention. It will be less work to look after one than two. It will be fun. Today we will go to The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield see the Lynda Benglis exhibition and I will try and do a little research, get inspired, devise the context for a presentation about Barbara Hepworth that I have to deliver on Thursday.

Mum come on Mum come on, begs Naoise, I am waiting. 

It is better to play with Naoise than write this…..




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