7.30 am (awake since 6.45am)

I am cutting it fine with the time this morning, they are all sleeping.

I get Naoise dressed into his uniform each day then he crawls back into bed and has a lie in for an extra hour, he never wants to wake in the morning, he loves his bed.

Patrick went to bed at 2.40am as he was working late on some freelance work, I know the exact time he went to bed because I heard him stumbling around the stairs and landing so I woke up too.

Syd stayed up trying to find a moment for me and him to watch a TV programme but by the time Naoise was asleep, I was struggling to keep my eyes awake.

They have all requested that I wake them up at different times, Syd 7.45am, Patrick 8.00am and Naoise didn’t actually request a time for me to wake him up at all, in fact he told me that he was going to stay at home today. There is no way that Naoise is staying home today. I am desperate to get back to the studio to make some physical marks.


I spent 3 weeks of the last 6 week term nursing ill children at home, I need to get my pencils out and work. Working, making art, settles my busy mind. I am also keen to try and get some more paid work…..I need to apply for jobs, art opportunities and create some more short courses, and I want to organise some exhibition/event opportunities for myself and others. I have decided its pointless applying for art opportunities that I could better organise myself.  I will write a list and if I can just move through it, cross some things off then maybe my situation will change, maybe.

Naoise turns six tomorrow. One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six……so we have spent

5 years 11 months 30 days
or 71 months 30 days
or 312 weeks 6 days
or 2,190 days
or 52,560 hours
or 3,153,600 minutes
or 189,216,000 seconds


And this doesn’t include the ten months of cooking in my womb, the slowly awakening, quickening into life, the feeling of feet and legs and body turning and twisting from within a tight space. Its a lot of time together.

He has asked for a cake with a sleeping  squirrel and little mice on it, nothing like being set a challenge. I love a bit of cake making and decorating.




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  • Peter

    “No birth, no death, no beginning no end” (Thich Nath Hanh) (U Tube 2013) ,life is a continuum, for who can say what was before birth, conception day? And before that? Is life simply a continuum, could be time to add more seconds to your little one s existence?
    Well, anyway, it’s food for thought,
    keep up the writing, Peter

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