The magical disappearing golden sequin

I am tired. I am tired.

I collected Naoise after school and his teacher told me that he may have put a small golden sequin into his right ear. The incident seems to be true Naoise is looking a little pale and is gesticulating at me towards his ear.

First investigations begin at the local health practice, we wait and wait and wait. Naoise plays and plays and plays banging and bashing at the generic waiting room toy, marvelling at the noises that it makes. The sequin clearly is not causing any distress as he is delighting in his music making.

The nurse peers inside one ear and then inside the other, “Oh Yes she says I think I can see something glistening in there, but you will have to go to Halifax A & E as we haven’t the equipment to deal with it here”. Sigh a 24 mile round trip to Halifax is not what I feel like doing tonight.

Me: “Why did you put ¬†gold sequin in your ear Naoise ?”

Naoise: “I was playing a magic trick with my friends I was making it disappear”

When they get that golden sequin out I want to keep it, keep it as a trophy a memory of this time, and how such a small festive fun thing can cause so much disruption.

Naoise and I spent just under 3 hours in A & E clearly I was deluding myself by thinking it would be quiet on a week night. 3 hours spent with a family of one small baby and a baby about to be born in a brightly coloured family friendly room with battered toys and Harry Potter playing on the yellow robot encased TV screen in the background. Naoise span around and around on the blue table, and the 18 month old baby crashed a pretend shopping trolly around and around the room. Some entertainment from the misprouncunciation of ¬†“Naoise” name everything from NAY-OISE to NASH-HEE.

Naoise made a beautiful drawing illustrating the golden sequin lodged inside his ear and we returned home with it the still inside and an appointment to return next week. They mentioned suctioning it out.

The golden sequin inside Naoise right ear

The golden sequin inside Naoise right ear

I should be preparing for a PhD meeting instead I am writing this, sitting in the remnants of the breakfast table between mugs and crumbs and plates of half eatens.